Alcohol- based hand disinfectant

Isopropanol or ethanol alcohol is sometime used as a disinfectant; these are non-corrosive with very less amount of fire hazard. They have less residual activity due to evaporation and less presence of organic material.


One of the major alcohol-based disinfectants is hand disinfectant. Some of the major benefits of alcohol-based hand disinfectant are it can be placed very conveniently, it consumes less time in comparison to traditional hand wash, more efficient and acts faster and makes the skin less dry in comparison to soap and water.


The other type of disinfectants is oxidizing; the oxidizing agent acts on cell membrane of microorganisms, resulting in loss of structure and eventually leads to death and lysis. Oxygen and chlorine are strong oxidizers among others. The common ingredient in household disinfectants is Phenolics.