Antimony Trioxide Market – Is Segmented Into 4 Regions

Antimony trioxide is one of the key composites of antimony. It is capable of reacting as a base as well as an acid, fitting into different applications of consumers. Antimony trioxide reacts with mineral acids to result in equivalent salts.


Expansion in the sector of electronics is estimated to increase the demand for the antimony trioxide market. The industry of insulations and cables is estimated to develop the market further. This market is segmented into four regions, namely Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and the rest of the world.


Developing countries in the rest of the world and Asia Pacific are anticipated to be the most rapidly developing markets for antimony trioxide in the coming years. With expansion in the market of flame retardants in different regions of the world, the antimony trioxide market is anticipated to witness steady growth in the future.