Automotive Transmission Market – Worldwide Overview

A transmission system makes use of the engine’s power and applies it to the wheels to put the vehicle in action. It makes use of gears and clutch to add torque transfer and required velocity to the wheels from the crank shafts. Many vital components, like the need for increased power, enhanced fuel cost-cutting measures and improved experience of driving, account for the adoption and advancement of developed transmission systems.

These components drive the automotive transmission market. Transmission systems include dual clutch transmission, continuously variable transmission and infinitely variable transmission. The worldwide automotive transmission market is driven ahead by the increased need for technologies of low carbon footprint, improved experience of driving and growing fuel efficacy given by these systems.

However, the soaring price of developed transmissions and their low implementation owing to less or no consciousness account for obstructions in the further development of the automotive transmission market. This market encompasses automatic transmission, manual transmission, continuously variable transmission and automated manual transmission.

This market is fragmented into vehicles kinds and geographical regions. With respect to vehicle kinds, the market is divided into light commercial vehicles, passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles. On the basis of regions, the automotive transmission market is divided into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and the rest of the world.