Biometrics market surges and heathcare advances

Biometric sensors are not just trending for smartphones but are taking roots in every field, from healthcare of defence, in order make life and jobs for people easier. One evidence is the triple digit growth that the biometrics market has shown this year.


Wearable biometric sensor developer Valencell has reported a jawdropping 3000 percent increase in business for this sector in the form of licensing partnerships.The demand for its technology was coming not only from health and fitness sectors, but also from the gaming, medical response, and military industries.


The company says its PerformTek sensor system which it claims is the “only clinically validated optomechanical sensor technology that has been proven to deliver highly accurate, continuous heart rate monitoring and other key metrics vital to tracking performance,” and points to that accuracy as the major reason behind its success. Everybody wants accurate data, but it’s easy to see why that concern is a critical one in medical response and military applications.


Valencell’s has further said that the industry is approaching a turning point with the increased use of biometrics. While there’s been a lot of buzz around the technology for years including in movies, it is only now that we are seeing  the real rate of public adoption.


Furthermore, with the technological advances that have been taking place, it’s no surprise that it’s starting to be taken seriously for practical applications. Given predictions about the coming blossoming of the Internet of Things, the future looks pretty bright for wearable biometrics and connectivity.