Companies rush to be a part of India’s sprawling gaming industry

With the rise of IT industry in India which has put a PC in many homes, the country is seeing a surging demand for the gaming industry.

Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited(SSTL) provides telecom services under MTS brand as a core business. However the firm has now tied up with Nodwin Gaming to launch an online, multiplayer, video gaming platform  with the name of Gamegod.

According to early reports, e-commerce giant Flipkart will be handle the pan-Indian distribution of Gamegod.

Gamegod is India’s first online, multiplayer, video gaming platform. The launch also coincides with the roll out of two globally successful games Counter Strike Global Offensive and DOTA 2, both of which are highly popular games abroad.

Powered by MTS Gamegod will enable multiplayer online video gaming on ranked servers in India. In a bid to increase the popular appeal of the product, the firm is organising an online multiplayer gaming championship in India with a cash prize of Rs 20 Lakh Rupees.

The price has reportedly been fixed at Rs 1,299, the first kit includes Single Unified License (SUL) of Counter Stike Global Offensive along with the key to play the game and a Gamegod premium membership card with a 30 day validity and steam wallet vouchers.

For fully loaded Gamegod kit, customers need to pay Rs 4,499 to get an MBlaze Ultra datacard.

MTS’ entry into the video gaming segment is not only to expand its product portfolio in the country but also to cash in on the growing video games marketing in India.

The gaming Industry globally is valued at about USD 72 billion, of which video gaming constitutes of around USD 22 billion.

While the industry is current said to be valued at about $300 Million in India, it is also projected to cross $700 Million in the next 3 years. This shows a 20 percent plus growth year on year.