Iris ID and ESI come together for iris biometric electoral voting platform

Iris ID and Electoral Services International (ESI) has recently announced that the former’s iCAM T10 and IrisAccelerator solutions are now integrated with the latter’s Biometric Voter Registration (BVR).


Iris ID,which was formerly the Iris Technology Division of LG Electronics, will be providing its biometric platform to allow enrollment of electoral voters registration process.


ESI already provides an array of voter services and technology to more than sixty countries. Their contract will now be renewed with this new technology as ESI waits for new clients.


ESI has reported appreciated their partnership with Iris ID and spoke of the advantages of having the ability to provide this new service to its existing clientel and attracting new nations. It said that iris recognition provides lowest failure to enroll (FTE), where other biometric technologies reach more than 5%.  The firm pointed that this technology is a perfect fit for nations where 70% of the population is involved in manual labor.


Charles Koo, president and CEO of Iris ID reportedly expressed his company’s excitement at the key milestone for identification technology that the company has developed and that iris recognition is a perfect solution for providing a strong identity voter registration process.  


The application of Iris ID’s biometric technology stretches beyond enrollment for biometric voting. As part of November’s Biometric Border Control Month, the company was featured in our list of airport security deployments as we took a look at how iris recognition is making Qatar’s international airport more secure, convenient, accessible and easy to manage.