Manual manipulating graphene – using paster comprising polyvinyl butyral

The polyvinyl butyral is commonly applied to commercial and industrial areas; these are featured with good versatility and performance. Few prominent features are optical clarity, binding efficiency, tough but flexible and adhesive to large number of surfaces.


A research team developed manual operated monolayer graphene pasters with polyvinyl butyral. The graphene paster consists of two layers i.e. PVB layer and graphene layer. The utilization of PVB layer implies that the pasters hold strong self-supportive properties. With the support of this the manipulations to monolayer graphene can be moved, clamped, transferred, pasted and cut. This reduces complications in further applications.


This improved the transfer process of graphene pasters. High-quality graphene is obtained when PVB is dissolved with alcohol. This made the transfer process better as it reduces tears or cracks in graphene.