New Technique-use of Nanocellulose boosted

The type of nanocellulose, nanofibrillated cellulose (CNF), can be used more effective due to the new technology. CNF is manufactured by mixing cellulose-containing materials with water, furtehr processing with grinders or homogenizers to tear the wood fibers in much minute cellulose nanofibers. The processing of ripping the wood consumes considerable energy. With the pretreating processing, there are chances of weakening the wood’s molecular structure.


The new technique in place have focussed on these areas, which smoothen the process of breaking the wood pulp fibers in nanocellulose. For the processing of same, the chemicals utilized is easily reused and recycled, mimimum production of waste water. This technique does not require expensive chemicals.


The construction of building the plant is on process. This would facilitate the production of CNF, easy mixing with other materials.