The ordeal of having to use smartphone protection cases

As smartphones get thinner, purchasing a new one might mean making peace with the idea that you will need to get a case to protect it.

As a long-time smartphone users always preferred to go naked rather than hide the beautiful sleek smartphone away in a case. But the lack of a protective case isn’t a problem for people until their first drop which leaves them in a state of shock that it can really happen!

And this has them running for a case the very moment they wake up.

As smartphones and tablets become larger and thinner it’s becoming harder to keep a good grip on them. Every gadget maker seems obsessed with making each new device thinner than the last. One reason for this is that in terms of basic technology, the smartphone market is rather saturated.

The thinner design of most flagship devices certainly makes it harder to get a firm grip and becomes even more awkward to hold.

While some may find it a painful ordeal to look through so many smartphone cases to choose from when most of them seem to be cosmetic rather than offering any serious protection against damage.

While investigating protective cases for new iPhone 6 and we settled on a Tech 21 case which relies on a hybrid silicone rubber bumper to disperse the impact should your phone hit the ground. Tech 21 calls the technology “impactology”, which sounds like marketing BS, but after a hands-on with the case it certainly feels more secure.


Tech 21 Classic is not too bulky to slip into your pocket – I’d say it’s no thicker than my original iPhone 2G without a case. It has a lip on the front which stops the screen touching the table when you lay it face down, plus the back is thick enough to protect the protruding camera lens.

Have you invested in a case to protect your smartphone or tablet against an untimely demise? Has it saved the day, or did you learn the hard way?