Polyether Polyols

Due to the long aliphatic chain, the polyether polyols have good water resistance. The absence of ester bonds makes polyols more hydrolytically stable.


The polyhydric alcohols utilized in manufacture of polyether polyol are glycerol, ethylene glycol, di-ethyelene glycol and di-propylene glycol. Sucrose is a type of polyhydric alcohol utilized in preparation of polyether polyols in respect of polyurethane foam.


This is a polymeric reaction of a compound with two or more active hydrogen atoms with organic oxide. The active hydrogen when around catalyst initiates oxide addition and ring opening, this process is continued until the molecular weight is derived. Diol result is produced if there are 2 active hydrogens. Some of the other initiators are sucrose, glycerine, ethylene glycol, sorbitol, water and sorbitol.