Process of making Potassium Chlorate

Potassium Chlorate is a white crystalline substance, a compound which contains chlorine, oxygen atoms and potassium. This can be used as disinfectant, source of oxygen and oxidizer. The potassium chlorate can be prepared with homemade materials.


The materials required for preparation of Potassium Chlorate are coffee filter or filter paper, chlorine bleach and potassium chloride. The half liter of chlorine bleach is boiled till crystals are formed. This is preferred to be prepared outdoors. When the crystals are formed, the bleach is removed from heat and allowed to be cool. In separate container, potassium chloride is stirred with water until it reaches saturated level. The both solution is mixed in equal proportion. The solution needs to be cooled in the freezer. This increases the potassium chlorate yield. The mixture is filtered through coffee filter or filter paper. Maintain the solid potassium chloride.