Resorcinol – application and manufacture

Resorcinol is a component used in rubber goods and tire manufacturing. The adhesives developed from phenol-modified formaldehyde resins or formaldehyde are utilized in wood bonding applications with specifications required such as structural integrity, waterproof and room temperature cure.


Resorcinol is an essential chemical utilized in manufacturing special chemicals such as light screening agents, protects exposure to ultraviolet light. It is used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, dyestuffs, fungicidal creams and lotions, antioxidants, explosive primers, a chain extender for urethane elastomers and flame retardants.


Resorcinol is produced by sulfonating the benzene, the conditions required is promotion of disubstitution in Meta position. Once the sulfonation is completed, this is fusion with caustic anhydrous. The resultant is purified to produce good grade of technical product.