Types of Pigments

Inorganic Pigments are synthetics or metallic oxides, the mineral-earth type of pigments are naturally colored substances. Some examples are chromium oxide, lead oxide, cobalt blue, cadmium yellow, nickel titanate and molybdate orange. Some of these are not in use due to the environmental laws.


Organic pigments are not found in nature so these are chemically synthesized. These are commonly used in synthetic fibres, plastics, inks and surface coatings paints. This is applicable in hi-tech applications such as opto-electronic displays, optical data storage and photo-reprographics. Some of the major features are bright, pure, rich colors, complete non-toxic, refractive index, cost effective, good color strength and consistent shades.


The other type of pigment is Metallic pigment and Industrial pigment. The metallic pigment is further categorized as Aluminium and Zinc pigments.