Types of Styrene-Butadiene Latexes

There are two types of styrene-butadiene latexes based on styrene content i.e. SBR Latex (high-solids latexes) and SB Latex. SBR latexes have low styrene content and more elastomeric where as SB latex have high styrene content. SB latex is lore like plastic material.


The SBR latexes are applicable in the areas for adhesives and molded foams.


The SB latex is used for carpet backcoatings, paperboard coatings and pigmented/coated paper. Among these the largest application is paper coatings. This has better pigment binding power and it offers high coating speed. The pigment binding results in higher gross level, smoothness, water resistance at lower cost, opacity and brightness. These are used on coated printing paper such as annual reports, magazines, advertising flyers, catalogues and label stock. This is also utilized for coating paperboard products such as cartons for food packaging products.